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About Us


Hi! I'm Kristan Bartlett. I'm a mom, wife, business owner, enneagram 3, dream chaser and life warrior. I am always on the go, and LOVE brainstorming the next big thing!

Three years ago I found myself in the midst of a really hard life change. I unexpectedly lost my mom while 37 weeks pregnant. As I sat the first few weeks rocking my tiny baby and praying for healing, I couldn't stop shaking the idea of opening a boutique.

My mom had always been an entrepreneur, and in fact previously owned a boutique herself. It felt right. So, with my 6 week old and 3.5 year old babies in tow, I drove around town, found our first location and opened a few weeks later!

We've survived the arrival of another sweet baby, location change, pandemic, among fifty million other curveballs and I am constantly in a state of gratitude to our customers for showing up and sharing their lives with me! I can truly say our shoppers are our heartbeat

Thank you so much for shopping with us at Blush Moon Boutique, we hope you feel extra beautiful in everything you find from us!


Photo Credit: Bethany Reasoner Photography