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Geo Mini Energy Set

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Crystals have been used in holistic healing and self-care practices for centuries. This crystal magic collection has been curated for the specific properties, unique beauty, and positive energy of the crystals included. Includes: 2 genuine crystals Crystals.

Abundance + Strength: Clear Quartz // Abundance: the most abundant crystal growing on earth! Direct and amplify energy through the natural point. Citrine // Strength: sunshine and positivity in crystal form! 

Cleanse + Radiate: Selenite//Cleanse: Glows with strong lunar power! Promotes decision making through waves of mental clarity and increased self-awareness. Sunstone // Radiate: Connection to golden white rays of the sun to help you shine! Brings positivity and a freshness to all chakras.

Compassion + Care: Green Aventurine // Compassion: Great protector of the heart chakra! Amplifies leadership qualities while balancing all aspects of your physical and spiritual self. Rose Quartz // Care: Attracts LOVE in all forms! Gentle vibrations nurture self-love, so compassion may blossom from your heart.

Ground + Protect: Black Obsidian // Ground: Sleek formation and deflecting properties keep worries at bay! Helps to process grief, provides grounding energy, and stimulates action for your most growth. Smoky Quartz // Protect: Excellent tool for meditation! Breaks up negative energy patterns that cause mental and emotional blocks.